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Great Idea At The Time Things To Do When I'm Sober Notebook 14cm x 21cm (6" x 8")

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If your imagination tends to run wild after having a cheeky tipple, you may often find yourself waking up to ideas written on napkins, arms or even walls when you finally come around the next morning! From business ideas, genius inventions, essential purchases or that thing you've been meaning to do for months you keep forgetting about, the mind truly opens up when it's not limited by logic. This dedicated notebook, is there for when you have that brilliant idea that just needs writing down immediately, so you can have a little giggle back at all the things you thought were utterly fantastic at the time. It really is a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Size (W x H): 14cm x 21cm (6" x 8")
  • Product Type: Notebook
  • Product code: MyNo102
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