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Sandcastle Progress Report Sam Toft Canvas Print 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16")

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As the tide stretches out to sea, it leaves the beach in a perfect condition for making sandcastles in this sweet canvas print. With the sand just soggy enough for an ideal consistency, Mr and Mrs Mustard judge each others creations with harsh critique as they didn't quite turn out as planned. As the hazy sun reflects off the elongated shore, their cream coloured dog Dorris looks as small as a dot, as she looks on to the collapsed mess her owners have made. Another gorgeous piece from Sam Toft, which is sure to add some whimsical charm to your home.

  • Size (W x H): 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16")
  • Product Type: Canvas Print
  • Product code: WDC95841

Customer Reviews

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Helen Heath

I have this as a framed picture already . Bought canvas as a gift for my mum as she liked it too .

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