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Neurosis 1996 Tour Frank Kozik Limited Edition Print 43cm x 53cm (17" x 21")

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Rare Art Print: The band "Neurosis" formed in 1985 and their music consisted of dark, hardcore punk mixed with elements of folk music. This art print was originally created as a poster advertising their 1996 tour and was designed by famous rock artist Frank Kozik. Here, the original advertising poster has been made into a limited edition art print which has been signed by Kozik himself. So if you love post punk music and would like some incredible limited edition advertising art on your wall, then why not get this rare art print while you can, but be careful not to slip into your own neurotic state as you gaze at the two entwining bees.

  • Size (W x H): 43cm x 53cm (17" x 21")
  • Product Type: Limited Edition Print
  • Product code: KOZ37
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