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A Tasty Treat Multicoloured Lollipop Framed Mini Poster 40cm x 50cm (16" x 20")

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If this does not get your rainbow taste buds tingling, we don't know what will! Encased inside a solid white frame, this tantalising poster frame screams with pop art style and explosive colours. Broken down into a grid layout, twelve separate squares are each filled with a new popping shade and decorated with a pair of pouty lips about to bite down on a sugar lolly. Complete with a 40cm x 50cm white wooden frame, fronted with transparent Perspex and ready to hang in your home.

  • Size (W x H): 40cm x 50cm (16" x 20")
  • Product Type: Framed Mini Poster
  • Product code: GSFR060
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