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Junk Records Showcase Frank Kozik Limited Edition Print 90cm x 60cm (35" x 24")

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Limited Edition Art Print: This poster advertising the line up for the Junk Records Showcase is the work of Frank Kozik; a graphic artist who is admired for his unique poster work. The contrasting colours of this striking poster further elevate the intense imagery and create an electrifying atmosphere within the print. With the phrase, "time to die" separating a beautiful woman and a chainsaw wielding shadow, this poster allows the viewer to interpret what they will; are the two images connected in what could be a dreadful ending or, is this piece a collage of curious imagery? Whatever you decide the answer is there is no denying this poster is a work of graphical brilliance and, as it is signed and numbered by Frank Kozik himself it is the perfect piece for any fan.
  • Size (W x H): 90cm x 60cm (35" x 24")
  • Product Type: Limited Edition Print
  • Product code: KOZ4
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