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Not Today Satan Framed Heavenly Not Hellish Mirrored Tin Sign 35cm x 45cm (14" x 18")

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If the devil has a constant hold on you, look yourself in the eyes and believe in your inner strength; it's not going to be today Satan! With his tempting whisperings as he sits on your shoulder, turn your head away and listen to the angel on the other side, for being good is better than being bad, right? See the shining rainbows through the stormy clouds with this framed mirrored tin sign, perfect for hanging in your bedroom or in the hallway just before you go out into the world; no mischief making!

  • Size (W x H): 35cm x 45cm (14" x 18")
  • Product Type: Mirrored Tin Sign
  • Product code: GSFM005
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