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Dark Fantasy Tokyo Ghoul Poster 61cm x 91.5cm (24" x 36")

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Ken Kaneki, having been plunged into into a life of darkness and cannibalism after a date gone wrong with Rize Kamishiro, navigates his new life as a 'half-Ghoul' in this dark fantasy Manga series by Sui Ishida. Although this new form brings many powers including regeration and enduring strength, Ken struggles with hiding his new identity from his human friends. This Maxi poster depicts all of the main characters from the series in a dark group scene with a monstrous darkness engulfing the skyscrapers behind. This would make an excellent addition to any fan of the Manga series' home.
  • Size (W x H): 61cm x 91.5cm (24" x 36")
  • Product Type: Poster
  • Product code: FP4965
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