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Absinthe Robette Henri Privat-Livemont Tin Sign 30cm x 40cm (12" x 16")

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Advertising Art Tin Sign: Featuring the green fairy at its best, this mystical advert for Absinthe is a wash of wonderful green tones and elegant graphics. The beautiful lady in the picture is watching as the sugar cube melts through her Absinthe spoon and water is added to finish the drink, creating a muted, cloudy beverage the French way. Given to French troops in the 1840's as a malaria treatment the bright green spirit's popularity grew and by the 1860's the hour of 5.00pm was referred to as 'l'heure verte' (the green hour) it was a cultural phenomenon! Designed by Henri Privat-Livemont who was famed for his Art Nouveau style posters, this piece is no exception with a splendid decorative finish it is not just an advert it is a work of art.
  • Size (W x H): 30cm x 40cm (12" x 16")
  • Product Type: Tin Sign
  • Product code: 10327
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