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Gloss Black Framed Stars and Stripes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Framed Poster 61cm x 91.5cm (24" x 36")

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The newest Marvel duo, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, continue their mission in the absence of their best friend and team mate, Steve Rogers. Can The Winter Soldier make amends for his time as a brainwashed assassin, and can The Falcon live up to the hero that was Captain America? This poster lives up to any Marvel fans' expectations, representing true American greatness and following in the footsteps of Americas' Soldier. Complete with a 61cm x 91.5cm gloss black plastic frame, fronted with transparent Perspex and ready to hang in your home.
  • Size (W x H): 61cm x 91.5cm (24" x 36")
  • Product Type: Framed Poster
  • Product code: 152326-P-PP34881
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