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Gloss Black Framed Cobalt Blast Group My Hero Academia Framed Poster 61cm x 91.5cm (24" x 36")

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In a world where everyone has superpowers known as a 'perks', Izuku Midoriya is unfortunately perk-less. Thanks to the worlds greatest superhero; All Might, Izuku now possesses the 'One For All' perk, which allows the host to access stockpiled power. This amazing poster features All Might and Izuku alongside a host of memorable characters from the smash hit Anime series My Hero Academia, including; Katsuki, Ochaco and Tenya . If you a crazy for action packed anime, then this is the ideal poster to hang in your home. Complete with a 61cm x 91.5cm gloss black plastic frame, fronted with transparent Perspex and ready to hang in your home.
  • Size (W x H): 61cm x 91.5cm (24" x 36")
  • Product Type: Framed Poster
  • Product code: 120253-P-PP34413
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